Not BUCKEThead, Cuthead (Dominik Rüegg) calls himself the guitarist on this strong fourth instrumental album.
Already with the first bars of "Trippin" one can easily fall in love with this wonderfully speaking, twangy tone and get down on the knees about Cutheads cool phrasing - like Robin Trower at "Bridge Of Sighs" times.
Where others mostly act too much like guitarheroes at such opportunities, this troop (besides Rüegg its Martin Kohler/ Remo Signer (dr), Nikolai Tsonev (guestsolo)) sets on descretion and is convincing with it all the more.

What it is about with the electrifying "Fonk", blessed with an Ian Paice-like groove, can be guessed still easily. "Flying Cowboy" could also be called "Fusion Cowboy". However, "The Swinging Sink" fascinates with a sound like SRV achieved it on "Lenny", but its held slower, almost like a guitar meditation.
A climax of this all around impressing CD is "Squanky ..., ah," whose jazz-infected Bluesformat reminds of genii of that genre like Scott Henderson or Michael Landau.

Rüegg was guitarist for Sina (CH act) and is after report among other things an asked donor for German television productions - which does not surprise afterall.
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-Klaus Reckert-
( Progressive Newsletter)