Tune: APOLLO, Band: CUTHEAD, Genre: Instrumental Rock

great player

nice guitar work right off the back. great groove, nice harmonized lines.. steve vai-ish. first time i've heard mandolin mixed with super high energy hard rock, really cool idea. this track is great. superb player with great chops and melodic sense. worth a few listens

- elevatortunes Rigby,Idaho July 29th, 2006

Awesome production, great instrumental

Very nice mix and production here. The guitars are very well spaced in the mix. Great technique and excellent songwriting. The clear acoustic guitar lick adds a lot and works wonderfuly with the heavyer guitars.

- Reviewed by: Wallimann from Chattanooga, Tennessee


Nice drums intro. I'm liking this! The bass has got a great EQ and I like the oriental licks! The solos are amazing. Very original! I wish I could say something else... I am speechless this is so great!!! Definately a 'listen to again'!

Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Production, Originality.

- fraser193 West Bridgford, Nottingham, United Kingdom, August 26th, 2006

Tune: TONES ||, Band: CUTHEAD, Genre: Instrumental Rock

Soulful, emotive, passionate - kicks arse :)

Bluesy, passionate playing. Dripping with feel, and very soulful. Impressive :) Some very imaginative progressions in the guitar lines in there. The song twists and turns in unexpected directions, which definitely keeps the interest level high. Bass is funky and has a great tone. And well mixed too - rare on many GB tracks, I've found. Very strong musicianship throughout. The band is very tight and the performance is solid. Mixing and mastering is of a high standard. The guitar has just enough bite. It's a really engaging piece - a rare thing in my experience for most instrumentals on GB.

Extra Credit: Guitars, Production, Melody, Originality.

- SOULARFLAIR Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


This is maybe some of the best guitar music I have heard yet on Garageband.com and I mean it. Nice tones. Fat and juicy and with the choice of notes of a champion. The sweet and sour bends are indicative of a seasoned and mature player. I hope this is on a CD somewhere, because I think I want to buy it.

Extra Credit: Guitars, Production, Originality, Most Rocking Track.

- manosalmono Santa Rosa, Netherlands Antilles, Netherlands

Tune: NO NO YES, Band: CUTHEAD, Genre: Instrumental Rock

Ever so Groovy!

Yes, you can chill to this excellent groove, and it's sonic palette engages one's senses in a pleasing fashion. Very tasteful guitar work, and love the organ. Top of the line arrangement and production. This song should find it's rightful place in the universe.

Extra Credit: Production, Most Rocking Track.

- Rizzer Waukegan, Illinois August 27th, 2006


Great mix, and fantastic production from the offset. This sounds like a nice laid back smooth jazz song. The arrangement is well thought out, and easily understandable from the listeners point of view. A nice lead solo kicks in at around 1:40 or so, and the playing is excellent, and encompasses a great amount of feel. Great song people, really good, oh, and the guitar playing is spot on.

Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Bass, Production, Melody, Beat.

- garflord August 26th, 2006
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