Tune: INSPOT, Band: CUTHEAD, Genre: Instrumental Rock

Damn good.

KILLER riffs on this one, absolutely brilliant musicianship, the best guitars I have heard on GB.com. And there are a lot of guitars on GB, lol. Damn this is pro stuff, what are you doing on gb, go and make some money or something, lol. Great great work, absolutely brilliant musicianship.. A+

- robpr from Australia on 25Mar2006

Smoking hot

Great slide work and catchy riff right off the bat. Great backing production with lots of little sound presentations. Incredible guitar work. I'm having a hard time writing this cause the music is demanding full attention. I will definately give this a few more listens since there is no way to catch everything on the 1st pass.

- PaulWebb from Unspecified on 23Mar2006

I'm not worthy!

I'm never quite sure how to comment on songs like this. I mean, seriously, could musicians be any better? If they can I'm not sure I want to hear it because it will just make me feel bad and using my guitar for firewood. Phenomenal playing all around!

- genoman2462 from Madison, Wisconsin on 17Mar2006

texas boogie riffs and a under current of U2..

Got a zztop kinda thing going on sounds like a sweet slide , add some up to date effects and this thing sounds real mod , a bit of girl you really got me now this is a very explosive recording extremely magnetic mixes it up a lot with some texas boogie riffs and a under current of U2s edge mod effects , if I am hearing a real drummer or not the programming is tight and not repetitive , some of the guitar sound must be sampled and controlled via a midi input , im interested in how this track was composed. Could be some serious manipulation on a desktop, not that`s a minus just I am hearing some elements that suggest a very controlled track. Over all this is excellent production quality and may be some real playing on a slide guitar or some very well done manipulation of samples in a program that is allowing this composer to assert a musical madness into my speakers, there is no kidding around with this track and that adds a sense of urgency to the mix, this is after 2006 and instrumental rock is a wide range of sounds and performances. overall this is high end sound and has a touch of the U2s discotheque album feel, not sure about what im hearing really, does not sound like a band but like a producer who is good in the studio and knows how to get loops going, if there is a real guitar being played then its about as clean as it gets, my guess is its all samples

- los10space from Richmond, Virginia on 17Mar2006

Cool intro

Nice slide. If that's a real drummer, you'd better get him a towel and some water! This is too cool. You wouldn't believe what they paired this up with! You'd win most any pairing with this, but if they keep you with that one, you are golden! LOL Bass is hot and pumping, and the guitars are wailing. Very nice work! Get that poor drummer a drink, man! Cool pads in the background. This is HOT! At this tempo, you get a lot in in 5 minutes! And you do! Nice change of feel. Dropped down to 1/2 speed is cool. Give the drummer a chance to catch his breath. OK we're off again! No comment on the production? If it were any better, you'd have been signed long ago! The mood is INTENSE! A winner!

- scottlr from Iowa City, Iowa on 19Mar2006


yeah,now this is hot.tasteful and a great mix of styles.great guitar playing this track had me on the edge of my seat with anticipation.not only the best guitar playing i have heard on gb but some of the coolest and funkiest i have ever heard. jeff beck on really good drugs. i hope you have an album out cause i gotta have me some of that.

- camdiablo from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 20Mar2006


nice! i really liked the upbeat tempo in the beginning. the drums, the guitar, the bass, EVERYTHING was just perfect! i really liked it

- tmvolleyb4me Gig Harbor, Washington March 20th, 2006

Terrific Playing - Playful - Original

Terrific Playing - Playful - Original composition. Really powerful stuff, guys! The first instrumental Rock I'm reviewing that doesn't just sound like vocals are missing. Towards the middle of the song beautiful atmospheric keyboards sneak in: I love it! The ending is a bit abrupt.

- loopology from Switzerland on 23Mar2006

Pure Energy

This track is pure energy. Crunching guitars easily make this track a stand out. I could picture this track as the backdrop for a PS2 game... or a theme song for television show.

- thefuzzybunny from Rochester, New York on 22Mar2006
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